Got An Active Dog? Start Him On Agility Training

If you have a very active dog, you know first hand just how stressful it can be sometimes to have him in and around the house with his boundless energy. Your dog may have had obedience training, but he may need further training, such as agility training, which is actually perfect for active dogs.

Dog agility training involves having your dog going through an obstacle course. The primary goal is for your dog to finish the course in less time with the fewest mistakes possible. The dogs that undergo dog agility training learn to go through the obstacle course without expecting to be given treats or rewards by their trainers. Dog agility training teaches your dog to successfully accomplish tasks without incentives. Dogs go through the obstacle course by responding to body signals and specific voice commands. Dog agility training, in order for it to be a success, requires dedication and commitment from both the dog and his trainer.

An obstacle course has different types of obstacles for your dog to go through. Some of these obstacles include jumps, teeter totters and poles that your dog needs to run in between. If you’re priming your dog for an agility competition, his obstacle course would consist of obstacles that are typically present in actual dog agility competitions. At the competition, a judge decides on the course your dog will use. Both you and your dog will be watched carefully by judges. You and your dog are marked based on your performance. Because not all dogs are the same, agility competitions group dogs based on size and breed.

If you and your dog both love spending time doing outdoor activities, your dog is perfect for dog agility training. Agility training is actually recommended for dogs that are very active and also show some aggressive behavior. However, before you start your dog on agility training, make sure he is pretty good at taking directions, or shows potential for doing so. Be aware that agility training requires high level of discipline; for the agility training to be deemed successful, your dog needs to be highly trainable. Make sure your dog is happy with what he is doing, once the agility training is in motion. Keep an eye out for signs that your dog isn’t enjoying it anymore. The last thing you want is to force your dog into doing something he will not enjoy.

Dog agility training is one sport that you and your dog can get involved in. But when is the best time to start your dog on agility training? Experts recommend starting as soon as you see your dog display an interest in obeying challenging commands. Dog agility training requires discipline and commitment, not just from your dog, but from you. It’s another great opportunity for you and your dog to form a closer bond.

So, the next time your pet gets on your nerves, instead of getting upset with your dog consider taking him for some dog training and have some fun with him.

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