Getting financial help with your pets medical expenses – Part 2

Where to Turn for Financial Help for Your Pet’s Medical Expenses

If you’re anything at all like most pet lovers, our furry companions are more than just our friends, they’re beloved members of the family that depend on us for all of their basic needs, including plenty of love and companionship. And, when one of our pets becomes ill, it’s up to us as responsible pet parents to see to it that they are well taken care of, getting the much needed veterinary care that all pets require, and also kept as comfortable and happy as possible.

But, when an ailment or accident strike our pets, we’re often left unprepared for the great financial expense that’s sure to follow, and in the trying economic times of today, many of us are busy struggling with all of the other monthly bills we face before adding the worry of wondering how to properly care for our beloved animals to the mix.

There’s absolutely no reason in the world our precious pets have to suffer, or even worse, simply because we’re having financial difficulties at the moment, especially when we as humans are the one who domesticated and took these animals into our homes.

Fortunately, there are several resources to consider and different avenues to explore when tragedy or illness strikes the family pet.

Organizations to Help Sick and Injured Pets

– Accepting applications for those in financial need as well as donations from others, offers help to pet owners whose animals are suffering from a life threatening condition. They will require that documentation be sent by your veterinarian describing the incident at hand as well as other relevant information.

– The Pet Fund is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to needy pet owners who are unable to afford their pet’s medical care. Visit and you’ll see links to the applications page, one for vets who may be interested in working with the fund, as well as one for donations, or they can be reached by phone at (916) 443-6007 at

If none of these generous organizations are able to help, do not give up hope as there are other resources to consider, including asking your own veterinarian, or a new one, if they’ll consider a payment plan. Also inquire if they’re associated with any type of credit card such as CareCredit that can be used on dental care and other needs as well as your pet’s veterinary care. For information visit their site at

Also ask your existing credit card companies if they’ll consider raising your limit, if your account is in good standing, of course, and consider debt consolidation, or if it comes down to it, refinance your mortgage.

Ask friends and family for their help, scour the house for unused or unwanted items and have a garage sale, or set up an account at eBay to earn extra money. You may also want to consider one of the many different types of pet insurance and their available plans, which have the potential to offer a large savings on your pet’s veterinary fees.

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