Getting financial help with your pets medical expenses


Getting help with anything, begins with your own first step towards that help. If conditions apply financially, it then must be worked around to accommodate. When it comes to helping with your pets medical expenses, Love must pave the way. When that beloved pet is worth all the help it can possibly have within the circumstances around it, even sacrifice from the owners view, is not asking too much.

It was a must. If we wanted a pet – in this case a little dog – we had to know, if ever she required medical expenses we could not afford, we have Insurance. Being on a Disability Pension was our income, and knew what medical expenses entailed when it came to past events, either with ourselves prior to our disability, and even pets. Now was the time to consider our new little family member.

We joined a Pet Insurance from the time of her birth. For +-$45-00 per month, it was ‘her safety net’. This allowed up to $5,000 medicals. Accidents, illness, operations, etc. Anything else between, was metered out accordingly. We saw it as finding our own helping hand when in need, for our little pet dog, which even extended to our pet Budgie. Pets are pets, but inquire when farm animals, which is best.

We also knew, that over the years, if she didn’t require it, it was a way of helping other’s pet’s also in need. Our little dog’s needs were a way we could help her and ourselves (and even others,) in any expenses as large as may be called for, and were our peace of mind also within the Pet Insurance. She must have everything we could to try and help, including prevention.

Per year Insurance costs were 45 x 12 = $540-00. Looking at under $2 a day, is not asking too much for some-one you love… just in case!

Not included in the Insurance, for other precautions from ticks to fleas, to general all worming. Her monthly, + three monthly, + 2 x yearly inoculations (heart worm being a yearly inoculations.)

C 5 inoculation. The C5 is… 1. Parvovirus/a fatal diarrhoea. 2. Distemper. 3. Hepatitis. 4. Parainfluenza. 5. Bordatella bronchiseptica. (C 5 inoculation requires a booster yearly after the first.)

Per year costs- 3 monthly, all wormer @ $3-00 (per 10kg. weight,) Tablet = $12-00

Per year – Fleas and Ticks/’Frontline’ or *’Revolution’ +- $50 per 3 month treatments = $150-00

1x yearly C5 Inoculation +- $150-00 total per year. (this is also yearly Booster.)

1 x yearly Heart-worm Inoculation +- $75-00 per. Year.

The mentioned ‘musts’ though not covered,

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