Get Your Dog Awards In Dog Shows – Get It Trained

To increase the agility of your dog, you require to harness the skills of your dog through rigorous training. Dog training for increasing the agility, is pretty same for almost all breeds of dogs only difference being the activeness of each individual dog. Contests are also based on the size and capabilities of the dogs. A number of dogs take part in such contests and compete with each other to show their skills. Dog agility training not only prepares the dog for the simple contests but even for the more difficult ones like hurdle race also.

The concept of horse training and competitions inspired the pet owners to get something similar for the dogs as well. Competition for dogs includes hurdle racing, wall jump, tire jumping and many more. The contests are designed in such a way that the dog completes various drills on the command of the trainer, and whoever finishes the drills fastest is the winner. Well the most difficult part has to be the 100-foot square course; here hurdles are placed across the course making it difficult for the dogs to move fast. In such competitions crowd enjoy and greet the winner with flowers (for trainer/owner) and dog food for dog.

A dog can be trained on the hurdle course by training him initially on one hurdle, by the time he gets used to jumping over one hurdle, many more could be placed on the running track of the dog. Care must be taken not to over exert on the training sessions, as long training sessions can even make your pet confused on the day of competition, he will expect the same long session and might not do good in small time bound contest.

Dull dog is a Sad Dog

Dog trainer is not the dog’s owner and dog will perform on the command of his trainer. Trainer is one who has developed agility of the dog by providing adequate training. Dog under the command of trainer will perform the given task as trained. The nature of the dog also, in a way, shapes its chances to win any contest; an introvert dog may feel nervous in the presence of large crowd. Hence, these things are to be taken into account by the trainer while training the dog.

Trainer must gauge the ability and skills of the dog accurately to shape its flexibility and agility accordingly. There should be good communication and comfort level between dog and trainer so that both understand what they want to do. In the contests the trainer is allowed only to give commands and not touch the dog, making communication more important. For more info see on on Dog Training School.

The contest is reviewed by experts and performances rated as per the parameters set. Dog is trained to finish the course speedily and on time. The dog finishing with the lowest time is adjudged the winner.

It doesn’t really matter the breed of the dog when talking about the developing of conditional instincts: since Pavlov made this Nobel worthy discovery, special trainers have used repeated behaviors to determine the dog to understand and to comply by giving rewards.

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