Friendlier cats: Male or female? – Part 2

Wherever you are, that is right where your kitty wants to be. If you are reading a book, kitty wants to lay down on the book. If you are on the couch, kitty want to sit in your lap. And if you are eating, well, kitty want to eat too! Cats make loving and heart-warming pets, but there are things that make one cat a better pet than another. One big factor is the cat’s individual personality. But in my experience with people and their pets, any pet’s personality becomes endearing over time. They become a member of the family and nothing they do can make you love them less.

But what about male cats versus female cats? This is a debate I have heard before and I am inclined to agree with the view that male cats, or toms, are often better pets. In my experience, male cats tend to be the most affectionate, playful, and have easy-going personalities. Certainly many female cats share these same characteristics but if there is a general trend that would be it. I have also met far more female cats who are skittish and will run from strangers. They also tend to be the type of cats who will scratch and hiss. I believe this could have to do with the fact that females may be more likely to suffer a trauma as a kitten or to be dominated by bigger or male cats at any time in their lives.

That said, I believe that gender is a moot point if you’ve found a cat that you know has a great personality. The other most important factor is whether the animal has been spayed or neutered. A cat who has not will not make as good a pet, whether male or female. This is also socially responsible as it reduces the numbers of animals that end up in pounds. There are millions of animals waiting to be adopted or left to die in the streets. If we all got our loving companions from a humane animal shelter and spayed and neutered, we could solve the tremendous problem of dog and cat overpopulation.

The main point to getting a cat is to add a loving, entertaining member to your family. Regardless of gender, you will grow to love your new pet more than you ever thought possible! Whether male or female, the cat will respond to gentleness, kindness, healthy food and an active and social lifestyle. Cats are independent but that is no excuse to neglect a pet. Do so and a cat that could have been an exemplary companion may end up withdrawn and without sufficient socialization. Just remember that if you love and care for your kitty, you will reap the rewards tenfold.

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