Friendlier cats: Male or female? – Part 1

There has never been a point in my life where I haven’t had cats. My house actually doesn’t feel like a home if there are no cats in it. My kids have never known a catless existence. I have had both genders over the years and without a shadow of a doubt, male cats are the friendlier sex. But, and there usually is a but as most debates are not truly black and white, I would have to say that unneutered Toms are the least friendly by a long way. If we leave them out of the equation, as most people have their pet cats neutered, I’ll explain why I came down on the side of Toms.

I have had roughly 15 cats over time, slightly more males than females but I am going to pick on two of them to illustrate my reasoning. Curry (so named because she used to eat it off of our plates as a kitten!)is two years old, black and white, the size of a moderate bungalow, has a Charlie Chaplin moustache and the foulest temper I have ever come across in a cat. She makes Gordon Ramsay look like an amateur. Little Juan is 6 months old, also black and white, tall and skinny and has become my new shadow. It’s like having a toddler again. I can’t even go to the loo on my own!

Picture the scene, if you will. We are settling down for the evening. I am probably curled up on the sofa watching a crime programme. Various children will be sitting about the room involved in games or on the Net. Enter Curry, stage left. She heaves herself onto any available lap and plonks herself down with an expectant look. Any attempt to touch her will be met with maximum force involving razor sharp claws and teeth she borrowed from a passing tyrannosaurus. Whoever she has plonked onto will be forced to heave her off by gradually sliding their legs out at an angle and attempting to stand. Having untangled her claws from said person’s thighs she will head for the kitchen in the full knowledge that someone will follow her and open the fridge. She will then wait to be hand fed ham or whichever delicacy she is in the mood for (anything from cake to pasta to trifle). Said hands will of course be bitten at any time she chooses. Once fed she will stalk back to the lounge, plonk onto another lap and begin washing herself. Attempts to stroke her will be growled at followed by random biting and clawing. Even when asleep she will wake at the slightest movement and bite the hand that feeds her. Should any cat from the neighbourhood dare to approach her or attempt to enter the house she will go into full attack mod and

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