Friendlier cats: Male or female?

Fierce independence is a natural trait of the feline species. As humans we attach human traits to our pets. Independence, aloofness, that we commonly attribute to males, is therefore projected to the male of any species. Therefore we conclude that male cats are unfriendly. Often when speaking, in general, about a cat, we naturally refer to it as him or he. Our human need to project humanity onto our pets is, obviously, not a science. In fact it is primarily emotional.

Gender does not appear to have an impact on the friendliness of any cat. Currently, this writer’s friendliest cat is a female. However, we recently lost one of our long time pet cats, Harley. He was very friendly and affectionate. All of our feline family members have moody moments. Some are manipulative, while others are clearly devious in nature. This can been seen in their eyes.

No! Really, when a cat’s eyes are shinny and the size of onyx dinner plates, step away. Slowly, they are about to pounce! Not necessarily in an unfriendly manner. She is just playing, all claws out, with your naked foot!

Obviously there will be times when any cat will have personality issues. When he is not feeling well. When they are not cared for properly, or are mistreated physically. Leading to the point about how a cat becomes friendly or unfriendly.

Friendly or unfriendly demeanors, in cats, or any animal for that manner, are formed partially by the environmental and situational surroundings. Of course they have genetic traits, that only a professional could determine. However, both environment and situation plays more pertinent roles in the temperment your feline friend, then does the gender factor.

Morgan, currently reigning as friendliest feline, in our humble home, keeps to herself most of the day. As do all of our six cats. Cats tend toward daylight napping. However, when my husband comes home she is in his lap and purring. She will sit in anyone’s lap, but usually it is in the evening, when she comes out of hiding. Morgan naturally favors my husband. Her demeanor is quiet and polite. She rarely has confrontations with her feline housemates, and is always pleasant to the humans.

The next friendliest cat in the household is Smoosh or Mittens. Smoosh is male. When called Mittens he glares at the name caller, somehow knowing that Mittens is a female name. Yet, ignoring the insult, he will stand on his head when you pet him. Now let me explain, if you scratch his ears he will lower his

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