Former Stray Cat walking on a leash Give strays/homeless cats a chance. They are very special.

This is John Jr and my dog Chunk. John Jr was rescued from my job site in November 2008. Chunk was adopted in 2004. I wanted to teach John Jr how to walk on a leash because I wanted him to be able to go outside and be safe at the same time. I was also motivated to teach him so I can show people that a stray cats can learn just like anyother cat. I noticed a lot of leash trained cats are expensive Bengals. I’m very proud of John Jr. He’s a great example of how special stray cats really are. I think its a shame so many people see these guys as outcasts. Well people look at how smart my abandoned cat is =) On a side not thats my Pitbull mix Chunk. Him and John Jr are buds and I’m proud of Chunk. He’s a great example of how sweet Pitbulls/pitmixes can really be.

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