Finding the right diet for an overweight dog

Finding the right diet for an overweight dog can be hard, luckily you can find many different ways to help their overweight dog lose weight safely. Fact is, being overweight is a great risk to our furry little friends. Thats why we need to take the responsibly to feed our dogs correctly to keep them in shape.

So what are some simple ways to keep your dog from being overweight, or helping your overweight dog shed some of those unwanted pounds? At the risk of sounding like some typical dieting infomercial, lets take a look at some very simple tips for every pet owner, no matter how big or small your dog is.

Diet Dog Food Brands

Perhaps the simplest of ways to help your overweight pet, is just changing the dogs food brand. Instead of your dogs current favorite brand, try to purchase diet brands for your dogs size of breed or activity level. Many dog food bags come in varieties such as dieting foods for indoor dogs, small breeds, and even larger breeds.


After talking about dog food, it’s a no brainer that we would talk about quantity of your pets dog food as well. Try putting more food in your dogs dish once or twice a day, but the key is to pay attention to how much food your pet eats normally. If your pet eats more then he or she should, then give them less.

Puppies especially will eat themselves to death if you leave tons of food laying around. That’s why it is important to watch your pet carefully and perhaps limit how much they have in their dish at any one time. We all know that dogs will eat almost anything, so try to make your house and yard doggy proof as well.


Last but not least, it’s no secret that dogs love to be outside and exercise. Do your best to allow time in your busy life to give attention to those who need it most, be sure to walk your dog everyday. Also, try not to feed your pet too many treats, or better yet, cut back on the amount that you give our furry little friend.

Surely using any of the above tips, your pet will lose weight in no time. Be sure to check with your veterinarians as well to see if they have any good tips you may be able to use. No matter what, your pet will be thanking you for all those lost pounds, I’m sure.

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