Finding financial help to get your pet spayed or neutered

Six months ago, responsible pet owners had a manageable pet budget in place for the wellness and other clinical costs of owning an adoring pet. The 2008 economic decline blasted a hole in pet care funds making the family pet a luxury item.

Finding financial help in spay/neutering your pet will take a dash of patience, small amount of reading and some local phone calling. The following links and phone numbers will be very helpful to all responsible pet owners that need assistance in spay/neuter referrals.

The Humane Society. This federal site will easily convert to local by inserting the zip code of the location searching for spay/neuter low-cost or free programs.

Keep on top of your region. Some prices will vary from town to town so be sure to search outside your local area. Each year animal shelters and rescues hold special events for spay/neuter, adoptions and fund raisers.

Call the “Friends of Animals 1-800-321-PETS and they will send you a list of participating veterinarians in your area and an order form for your low-cost spay/neuter certificate. – Spay Neuter Info is a website with a well-built user-friendly page of information. Included on this site are referrals to low-cost or free spay/neuter programs nation wide.

“Spay & Neuter Services Search this database for local discounted programs and clinics that offer low-cost or free spay/neuter programs.

Pet Savers Foundation-SPAY/USA 1-800-248-SPAY Spay/USA has over one thousand sterilization programs and clinics nationwide in the network. Pet Savers hopes to popularize and facilitate spay/neuter services throughout the country and end pet overpopulation. is a very informative site. It is extremely easy to navigate the website and there are many links to help pet owners understand and help pay for the necessary surgery of spay/neuter for our family pets. will help locate a veterinary office close to your home and give more information on cost sharing for spay/neuter of your pet.

The cost contributing to the overall cost of the surgery will be approximately fifty dollars for the Wellness Exam. An additional cost is twenty-five dollars for the required Rabies vaccine. Spay/neuter costs depend on the sex and weight of the animal.

A male canine that is less than twenty pounds will cost approximately one-hundred fifty dollars. This cost includes pre-surgical lab profile, catheter, fluids, and post-surgical medications. is a loan service company that offers loans for veterinary care. The interest rate is high but if one can pay off the balance in one payment, the loan will be helpful. 1-800-333-1071 is a popular site one could list a question for information regarding free or low-cost spay/neutering in the wanted section of the local Craigs list internet site.

Last of all post a note at the local feed store that sells household pet supplies. Request information regarding low-cost spay/neuter programs in the local area.

Keeping your pet safe and healthy requires yearly exams, rabies vaccines every 2-3 years after the initial vaccine, spay/neutering, and yearly licenses.

Wrap all this up with your pet in warm and blissful surroundings and you will have contentment and joy for many years.

Happy Tails !

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