Finding a dog trainer in your area – Part 1

Several years ago I went on an interview to work in a well-known boarding kennel that also offered dog training. During the interview I was asked if I had any experience working with animals and at the time the only experience I had was working in a kennel for a couple of months. The man that was asking me questions suddenly asked me if I would be interested in being a dog trainer. I told him no since I didn’t know the first thing about training a dog. He laughed and told me I didn’t have to. He was going to show me some basic skills and that was it. I didn’t accept the job and I recommended to everyone I knew that wanted to get their dog trained to not bring them to this place. It was scary to think that people paid so much money for their dogs to be trained by complete amateurs.

In order to find a dog trainer in your area you can look in the phone book or the internet. There are always listings there. From there, select a trainer and talk to them. Ask them how long they have been training dogs and what is their method of training. Find out if they have a certification in dog training. Many trainers don’t, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t know what they are doing. Sometimes you can call your local community college and ask them if they offer any dog training classes. These teachers always have to be certified and if you have any problems with the trainer you can always turn to the school to try to get your money back. With enough people complaining about the poor work of the instructor they will no longer keep that teacher. Therefore, having your dog get trained by a trainer through a school will give you more stability that they are legitimate and most likely good

Always ask friends and neighbors of dog trainers they would recommend. Chances are somebody you know have used a good dog trainer. Once you find a trainer ask to sit in during their training sessions. One of the best dog trainers I knew made it a point to have not only the dogs, but their owners to be a part of the training process. She had stated that owners have to be trained alongside the dogs. The reason for this is so that the owner realizes the importance of consistency as well as persistence. She showed the owners how to train their dogs and every day I would watch how the dogs would progress. This trainer never had a customer that was unhappy with the results. Simply remember that a trainer needs to allow the owners to sit in and even more so allow you to be a part of the lesson. The training will not be as effective if the owner doesn’t know what was taught to their pet and doesn’t understand the commands. Plus your pet needs to get used to you giving the orders rather than the trainer.

Finding a dog trainer in your area is easy, but finding a good one is a little harder to come by. A certification is not required to be a dog trainer. Basically, anyone can say they are trainers. You must be particular who you choose and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. After all, you are the one paying for their services and have the right to know who you are hiring. You don’t want them to be abusive to your pet and you want them to welcome your presence or encourage it. Then you know they have nothing to hide from you.

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