Feel Sad No More With a Pet Cat

One of the popular pets is the cat. Some people love them because they are sweet and affectionate. But just like any other animal your pet cat also has a wild and vicious side especially when they are attacked or provoked. You will know that your pet cat is angry when he arches his back and his fur is raised. This is a sign that the cat is already angry and ready to attack. Cats attack by using their sharp nails and scratching their enemy. They can also slap and bite. One will usually end up with scratches and cuts after the cat calms down. Only on rare occasions do people get seriously hurt through cat attacks. Yet still one should be very careful in provoking the cat because no one wants a fight. On the lighter side of cats, they are also fond of playing. You may notice that your pet cat is fond of strings the reason behind this is because they see the string as the tail of their mother. Cats look for each other and follow one another through their tails. Sometimes when cats are playing with another it may seem that they are fighting because they make loud noises and they look like they are wrestling one another. But the truth is they also play the same way. The only difference is that when they are angry they bite and scratch.

Now when it comes to the nutrition of your pet cat they need essential vitamins and minerals like carbohydrates, protein, fiber and fats. Cat foods are available in the market and can be bought any time you need one. Just make sure that you read the label of the cat food before purchasing it, check if it has all the essential nutrients your pet cat needs. Another important consideration is the recommendation of your veterinarian. Since vets know the specific food that your cat needs he will be a lot of help when it comes to deciding what to feed your cat. Cats need different kinds of food depending on what stage they are in. Kittens have special needs that are different from those senior cats. Just to be sure better to consult the vet. Cats also get infected with different diseases like urinary tract infection, upper respiratory infection, kidney failure and diabetes. Diseases are usually transmitted through viruses from other cats. When you have two or more cats living in one place it’s best to bring them to the vet regularly so as to prevent problems. Another problem with the cat is fleas. We all know that fleas can be dangerous and it can lead to anemia, and tapeworms. One thing you can do to prevent fleas from infecting your pet cat is to make sure that the cat is always clean. Good grooming is the answer.

All in all caring for cats require a lot of effort on the owner’s part but once you’ve done it you’ll see that it’s very fulfilling.

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