Everything You Need to Know About Crate Training Dogs

Dogs instinctually are attracted to den – like environments. They prefer safe and secure places where they can lay down and rest in peace without the distractions of the modern American home. By providing a crate you can fulfill that desire but you need to train your dogs to use their crate – otherwise it may go unused. Crate training dogs is the most appropriate way to get them introduced to their crate and the process of training. While your dog is living in his or her crate it will be easier for you to supervise their actions and control the learning process.
If you train your dog properly they will quickly learn, and even desire, to be in their “den”. If trained well at the beginning the crate will be a favorite dwelling place for your dog. To introduce your dog to their crate bring some favorite toys of theirs and keep them inside the crate. Once your dog gets into the crate make them feel comfortable and open the door so they understand they have the freedom to come and go as they please and are not trapped. Any kind of constraint may make your dog feel threatened and aggression towards their crate – this can put a huge dampening on your training.

Once you find your dog getting inside the crate on their own put some of their favorite food inside as well. This should help make them more comfortable and accustomed to being in their crate as well as causing more incentive to being inside it. Remember initially to not close the door of the crate so your dog does not feel they are being put in a cage.

Install your crate in an appropriate place where it will be comfortable at all times of the day. For instance, avoid hot or sunny areas and opt for darker, cooler locations in your home. Do not ever punish your dog by enclosing them in the crate for extended periods of time. It may further lead to difficulties when training your dog. Crate training dogs is a very important step towards their housetraining so make sure you follow the training process correctly and compassionately.

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