Essential tips for better dog training

Is Your Dog Well Trained?

(Essential Tips for Better Dog Training)

There is nothing worse then an untrained dog when manners and discipline are not their best attributes. Don’t you just love it when dogs don’t listen to their master’s commands? Dogs can be so embarrassing when they are out of control and have no manners. I used to have a little mutt that would never listen to me or my other at all. We rescued him from the shelter complete with bad habits. He was a crotch sniffer, he would chew on shoes, slippers and the one thing that irritated me the most was when he would just run off and not listen to me at all. It was almost like he went deaf when he got out of arms reach.

Your canine friend loves to learn and to please. It’s not hard to train your dog with a little time, patience and know how.

The first two commands I teach to any of my dogs are the words “yes” (or OK) and ” No”. These two basic commands are the basis for success in all future training. From there on you can develop their concentration and they will learn so much quicker. This is very important if you want a well trained pet.

I use a tiny piece of hamburger meat at first to get their attention and the smell of raw meat works very well. Later on when they get the idea you can switch to one of their favorite goodies or treats. Place the meat in front of your pet and hold by the collar so they can’t quite reach it. This is a little tease and they are ready and eager to do anything for it. Tell your pet “no” and make them wait a few seconds until you say “OK”. Let them have it and give them a lot of praise for waiting for the right command. Repeat this procedure about ten times and then give it a break for a little while. Repetition is the way they learn. Wait for and hour or so and do it all over again until your dog gets the idea that they can’t have the treat until the “OK” is given. Some dogs get it right away and some may take a little more time but they will eventually get the idea. Each time you use this technique make your dog wait just a little bit longer before you give the “OK”. This is where the development of concentration really kicks in so to speak. After they learn these two commands anything is possible and it will be much easier to teach them anything else in the future.

I used to have a Shepherd and Akita crossbreed who was very intelligent and I could easily make her wait fifteen minutes before I would let her have the goodie. Once I put down a piece of raw steak in front of her and I left the room for about a half an hour. I had totally forgotten about her. When I returned there was a whole lot of drool and one tiny piece of meat that she hadn’t touched. She had waited all that time until I came back and said that it was “OK” for her to have it. Now is that concentration or what?

I was always very proud when people would comment on how well my dogs were trained. It’s a lot better than, “I hope he doesn’t bring that damn dog with him again?” Follow these simple steps and you can have a well trained dog too.

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