Emily Jumping (Clicker Training for Cats)

Emily jumping for clicks. It took about a week (15 min/day) to train her to do this. I used the Clicker Training technique. Initially food it associated with the “Click” sound. After that connection has been established I click when she walks over the base of the cardboard jump. I then give her a treat. Since she knows that Click=Treat I can pinpoint the behavior I want her to repeat (just walking through the to upright post) with a click. I can then leisurely give her the treat. This makes it easy for her to know when she did the target behavior. After she was able to walk through the uprights I started adding bars and clicked when she jumped over without knocking them down. As she got better I added additional bars. As it turns out she’s very good at jumping and I ran out of bars to add. Emily was 16 years old at the time of this video. She’s still able to make the same jump now even though she’s almost 18 years old.

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