Easy, Breezy Potty Training Dog Tips that Work

Training your dog requires a great amount of patience especially when you are teaching it to potty at the right place. A problem with dogs is that they instinctively poop and pee anytime and anywhere they like. With potty training, you can teach your dog to do his or her thing when and where it really should.

Here are some points to consider when potty training your dog. First is confinement. Confining your dogs can sometimes be an ideal way of properly potty training your dog. You can use cages or crates to confine your canine pet. Just make sure to get the largest crate as possible to make sure that your dog can properly move about inside. The reason for confining your dog is to teach him not to potty on the crate or cage. Dogs do not like to potty in areas where they usually stay or sleep, so when nature calls for them, they would normally find a way to get out of the crate to potty.

By then, you can already show your dog where exactly you would want it to potty. Doing this whenever your dog wants to relieve itself will create a pattern that your dog will follow even if you will no longer need the help of a crate.

Second thing you must consider is to always include praise in your training. Try using a leash to control your dog from going around while training or running away. You can also use this to direct your dog to where it should potty. It would also help if you teach your dogs some words that would help him understand what you would want him to do, say for example, ‘go potty’. Use your commands over and over so that your dog will become familiar with it and learn to follow it as well. Always remember to reward your dog by giving him sweet and simple praises or giving him food treats for every correct response that he makes. This will make your dog happy, thus making him easier to train.

Also, you need to have the proper timing as to when you should give your dog the freedom to potty on its own. Some dogs learn potty training fast while there are those that need more time. You must learn to be very patient and observant potty training your dog to see the your pet’s progress.

Be reminded of some signs which dogs usually show when they are about to potty. These signs may include sudden disinterest to play; circling restlessly and running out of the room suddenly. You will learn to familiarize with these signs so you will not have much of a problem in potty training your dog as you go along. By then, you can be confident that your dog will have shown proper potty behavior.

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