Dont let your dog be the boss – Part 1

A happy dog is a submissive, well trained dog. In a pack, there is a dominant or Alpha dog who controls the behaviors of the other dogs in a pack, the product being a cohesive happy pack. You can create this same happy dog behavior in your own home with some simple tips.

First, you have to realize that being in control is not being mean to your dog. Here are some simple steps towards showing your dog that you are in control:

1: Put your dog in a down position (make them lie down) and have them stay down for 30 minutes without getting up. Don’t say anything to them, just let them know you are in control. After 30 minutes, release them (“ok!” is a great release). Do this several times a week, and you will notice that your dog will turn to you for direction more and more. Early in this process you may have to retrieve your dog several times and put him back in the down position. The more often you have to do this, the more your dog needs this excersize!

2: When your dog reacts in an aggressive way that you do not like (for example, when my dog starts to go after my cat) put them in that same submissive down position. Generally the most submissive dog will roll onto their back and watch you.

3: Be Consistent! Consistency is the key. Teaching your dog to not jump on you only when you have nice clothes on is impractical, you must teach them to not jump on you at all times.

4: Always release a behavior when your dog is allowed up. Never let your dog release himself.

Remember, dog is man’s best friend, so most importantly, don’t forget to have some fun together!

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