Dogs who beg for food all the time: Problem

Does your furry pal beg for food all the time? If he or she does then this is behaviour that has been learned, rather than that which is inherent. In the wild dogs never beg the pack leader for food. They wait until it is their turn. If they do ever attempt to grab some food before its the right time then this will be seen as a sign of an attempted take over in leadership, and a fight will probably commence.

Our pet dogs learn to beg when they are given scraps of food from humans at inappropriate times, and often straight off of the persons plate. Once this has occurred and the dog tries again and succeeds it becomes a habit.

Its a bad idea to let your dog beg for food for several reasons. The first is that food made for human consumption isnt always suitable for a dog. It can cause digestive problems and tummy upsets, leaving the animal at risk of developing health problems later on.

The second reason why dogs shouldn’t be allowed to beg is that the owner needs to maintain their position as the head of the pack. A dog should never be allowed to challenge the authority of their human owner, as this is a sign of aggressive dominance that could lead to trouble.

The best way to teach your dog not to beg is to remove him or her from your own feeding area during meal times. If shut out on a regular basis your dog will soon get the message.

Omega dogs, who are lower in rank than the alpha pack leader, usually eat last. You can recreate this natural condition by making sure that your own dog always eats last too.

Be sure to tell your family and any visitors to your home not to give in to any begging behaviour from your dog. If he or she manages to break someones resolve then they will see this as a triumph and you will have to start all over again to teach them that this isnt the done thing.

It can help if you explain to others why you dont like your pet being given treats. Once they understand that it may harm your dog they are more likely to comply with this house rule.

If you do like to save some scraps of food from your plate that are dog digestion friendly then never feed them to your dog off of your own plate. Apart from the fact that this is a little unhygienic it makes an association in your dogs mind that your food is his or hers.

Any such scraps should be placed into your dogs own bowl after you have finished eating and the plates have been cleared away. This way there is no room for misunderstanding.

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