Dogs trained to sniff out bed bugs

You have to hand it to dogs for here is just another amazing good deed that dogs do for us humans in bed bug infestation of hotels.

Before you make reservations at a hotel when booking your holiday, you may want to read how dogs can make your vacation safer.

A particular hotel in Boston is regularly using the services of Advanced Canine Detectives, LLC., which is a company that has trained dogs to sniff out pests for the hotel or hospitality industry. The bed bug sniffing dogs are quick accurate and can do the job in 2 minutes in a hotel room.

Four almost four years the Jury Boston Hotel which is part of the Jury Hotel chain have not had bed bugs since using the services of the bed bug sniffing dogs. The Boston Department of Health Inspectors totally approve this method of keeping infestations to a minimum.

The canine detectives are highly trained and their exceptional noses have help us to ward off diseases, and prevent further illness even when we are traveling in a world full of mobile bed bugs.

If after the dogs locate the pests, the room is treated and the mattress is burned. The best way to treat this type of infestation is to destroy the bed mattress and it is burned. It is costly method but not worth the bad publicity and injury to the guests if allowed to continue without treatments.

These dogs are a mixed Labrador breed and they are on duty for a search every three months. This indicates to me that this type of infestations are an ongoing problem but the Jury hotel is at least being pro-active which is better than hotels that are not as vigilant in exterminating bed bugs.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and can identify parts per trillion of small particles and can also detect cancer in humans. Today, there are bomb dogs, drug dogs, arson dogs, and now they are experts in locating and sniffing out blood sucking bed bugs.

There is nothing worse that getting pests in a hotel, and do not be fooled by paying at a high priced hotel, they get infestations just the same as the less expensive hotels. When you consider a hotel bed could have at least 30 or more guests sleeping in it in a month.

As Nicole Wong points out in her story in the Boston Globe, even the Park Plaza hotel has had the bug problem and in warmer climates the bugs just thrive on human blood. I find it horrible just to think about sleeping in a hotel bed and being eaten alive by bed bugs.

Apparently there is a ” bed epidemic” out there in the hotel

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