Dogs for people with allergies

There’s nothing worse than having to give your beloved dog a hug and then being overcome with horrific sneezing attacks, itchy watery eyes, and the feeling of suffocation. All you want to do is play with your pet whom is ever so faithful to you, but having an allergy holds you back.

I have always been an extremely allergic person. In fact, the allergy doctors exact words were: “You are allergic to life”. Being a huge pet lover this could have been heartbreaking, but I wouldn’t let it hold me back. I refused to give up my pets and was willing to suffer the discomfort in order to keep them around me. For a long time I just made sure to keep my pets out of my room, to wash my hands everytime i touched them, take countless allergy medications, and to vacuum incesantly. These actions did help the allergic reaction to my Golden Retriever, but the allergy was still always there and some days would come out worse than others.

About five years ago, my Golden Retriever died and we got a new dog. This time we got a Mini Schnuazer. He is a great and friendly little dog, and the best thing about him: Hypoallergenic! It is really quite amazing how he doesn’t seem to affect my allergies or asthama. His hair is very short and he barely sheds at all. I can pet him without running to wash my hands and he can even sleep on my bed! It was so amazing to not have to worry about the allergy attacks with him around. I have had him now for a good amount of time and have never felt that discomfort that I always do with other breeds.

Miniature Schnauzers are not the only hypoallergenic dogs out there either. There are many different breeds that produce such small amounts of dander that they will not bother those who are allergic to dogs. Many terrier breeds are included in this category, as well as the adorable lhaso apso, maltese, mini poodle, shih tzu, havanese, australian cattle dog, and many others.

It is such a wonderful thing that these hypoallergenic dogs are out there for all the allergy sufferers who love animals. Its a horrible feeling to be made sick by something you love. You can cuddle and play all you want with these hypoallergenic dogs and they will not make you miserable!

Just because you have a dog allergy, that doesn’t have to stop you from having one as a pet. Dogs provide so much joy in peoples lives and it is great that anyone can have them. Hypoallegenic dogs save many people from the heartbreak of being unable to have one, or having to give one up due to an allergy.

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