Dogs and their owners – Part 1

One of the fun things that I enjoy most about being out with my Golden Retriever on the walking trails around our neighborhood is seeing the different dogs and their owners. Sometimes they seem to be a perfect match and then other ones don’t match at all. It is fun to try to figure out some of the pairings. There is one little old lady that lives close to me that has 2 huge Malamutes that either one could drag her wherever they wanted to go. I have talked to her several times and asked her why such a petite little lady had such big dogs. seems her husband loved them and trained dogs kind of semi professionally and those two dogs are the best behaved dogs I have ever seen. She lost her husband and said she needed to get out and walk and the dogs loved to walk so she just felt she couldn’t part with them. the biggest male must go close to 150 pounds and is a beautiful dog. They and my Golden Retriever get along fine and even one day my wife and I were walking and we met her and she invited us to her house for coffee and a visit and the three dogs got along fine.

There is another person we meet that looks like a retired offensive lineman from the Denver Broncos that has let himself really get out of shape and has decided he needs to walk. He has two little Dachshunds. His shoes are as long as the Dachshunds. An interesting combination.

A lot of dogs kind of have the same type of personality that there owners do. I know there is a lady in the neighbor hood that drives one of those little Z3 BMW convertibles and could have to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting you but do you think she would see you or wave. No! She is a rich snooty blond bitty and she has a bichon frieze that has the same kind of attitude that blond has. They make a perfect match.

There is another fellow here in the neighborhood that has a jacked up Dodge Diesel Pickup with the big tires and the big exhaust and he has two big Rotteweilers that will slobber all over you once they get to know you a little. Another good match.

I kind of seems to be a preconceived idea that a little old lady should have a Pekingese or a Poodle and the big guy should have a German Shepherd or a Saint Bernard. It is fun to see that a lot of times the snooty people that think their pooh doesn’t smell tend to have pets with the same attitude. The big easy going type people have big easy going type pets.

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