Dogs and their owners

Although there are some dog owners who have guard dogs, use them for medical experiments or just for breeding, I have written this article on my own experiences of owning a dog, or two, as a pet.

As an owner of two dogs I have very personal opinions about the relationship between a dog owner and a pet. When we got our first dog it was my hubby who wanted one, not me. Over the years though, with just about always having a pet dog, I absolutely adore them now, no matter what breed, shape or size. I just love dogs.

Once you are a dog owner it’s a big responsibility, if you are going to do the job properly. They need bag’s of love, food, water, health checks by yourself and the vet, somewhere warm to sleep, grooming, bathing, discipline and a leader. Of course there are a million and one other things.

Our two dogs at the moment came from a local rescue. We have had one about four years now and one about three. They were certainly the sad face of 21st Century neglect when they came to us. They are wonderful now but, as when a person is mistreated, they do carry psychological scars still and plenty of psychological baggage.

Some of the strange initial behaviour was being terrified of the dark at the back of my house (we got a light fitted outside to ease this), being very scared of raised voices particularly those of men, being terrified of young men in baseball caps and crash helmets, and having a general nervousness of anything out of the ordinary.

When you see a dog like mine out walking on a lead and it suddenly darts behind it’s owners legs cowering,this could be the explanation. However much we spoil our dogs because of their bad start in life, we always have to remember to let that we enter the house in the correct pecking order. Dogs like routine, order and to be lead. You can always tell an owner whose dog is boss of the house. So make it easy on yourself and lay down some basic ground rules from the start.

Dogs can be loyal friends who are sensitive to your moods. Our first one, for example, when my Mum died would seek me out if I was having a cry. Laying on the bed one day he quietly came up the stairs and gently climbed on the bed, putting his head on my shoulder. There he stayed for ages despite being a bouncy four year old, who normally could not stay still.

I think the main thing for dog owners to remember is to be responsible for your pet. If he makes a mess(you know what I mean)in the street then you should clear it up. Even though I have pets I am furious if I find such dog mess outside my house. There is no need for it and it is a health issue. The dog knows no better but the owner should.

Of course all dogs and their owners have different relationships. I hate to see people who treat their dog as a substitute baby. On the other hand I hate to see dogs kept outside and not allowed in the home. However it is really to each his own. Just make sure that you love your dog, have his best interests at heart and remember he’s your pet for life. This means through the good and bad years and the old and young ones also.

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