Doggy Day Spas: A hot new trend for pet owners on the edge

Got everything you need for your skin care collection? Otherwise normally sane people are taking it one step further with purchasing beauty products for their dogs.

Maybe you can blame it on the Italians. They are the ones that came up with the clay masks that are so popular within skin care circles today. Or perhaps you can blame it on the fervent animal lovers who shot the pet care profit margin through the roof with their indulgences in all things pooch pampered. Whoever started it, the truth of the matter is that skin care companies have reached beyond their target audience (humans, in case you were wondering), and have found success in selling skincare and makeup products for animals. And it is not just the crazy cat lady down the street buying them either.

Everywhere from online specialized beauty boutiques to your local pet store are now selling canine friendly skin care and other beauty related items that are made exclusively for your favorite four legged companion. Here are three ways that the skincare and cosmetic world is hitting the scene, or rather the hydrants, and making a fortune.

1. Skin Care For Pups You’ve probably heard someone say “it’s a dog’s life” in reference to a take-it-easy sort of day. However, a dog’s life can be far from easy when they suffer from skincare ailments such as fleas, ticks, and dry or scaly skin. Many dog breeds have these skin care problems and the common solution would be a dip in a flea bath. But dogs are being treated better than that with their own protein filled shampoo, and another, which includes that famous Italian clay. Once reserved for their humans’ skincare ritual, dogs are now getting in on the action with puppy-friendly alterations to the typical ingredients found in regular skin care products. Skincare experts are even taking into consideration aspects such as seasonal shedding and the transformations of dog skin with age.

And a regular scrubbing down with the backyard garden hose? Forget it! Companies such as Avon are touting their popular bubble bath to be dog skincare safe, so if your pet will stand for it – he can be one pampered pup!

2. Nail Pawlish Perhaps you have gone to get a manicure and noticed that one of the top polishes that the salon uses is by the brand OPI. Known for their sturdy, anti-chip polish for girls with lives as tough as nails, the company has released Pawlish, made especially for dogs. Now everyone from the daintiest Chihuahua to the sturdiest of Mastiffs can

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