Dog Training Tutorial- HOUSETRAINING

House-training is often the first thing most dogs need to learn as they become part of a new family. Since this is something I have been getting numerous requests for – I decided to do a video on it. There is some additional information on housetraining (tips) that I did not include in the video which is available on my Facebook page under the discussions section. LINKS ——— FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEBSITE: EMAIL: ***NOTE*** All this information assumes that the dog in question is in good health and not suffering from any sickness/disease. Sometimes lack of bladder and bowel control is a result of ill health and if you suspect that this might be the case with your dog, please immediately consult your vet to rule out any such possibility. It is also assumed that the dog is not struggling with fear-based elimination. As is often the case with some dogs, the goal in these instances would be to tackle the issue of fear/anxiety in addition to following all the advice given in the video. Unfortunately, the details in these situations are specific and unique to the dog – so the best approach is to contact a professional dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement only, to assess and determine the most appropriate course of action.

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