Dog training: Train the owner, not the dog – Part 2

DOG TRAINING: Train the owner & the dog.

It is imperative that the owner or a dog be trained at the same time a puppy or adult dog is in training. Why? There are several good reasons:

1. When you send your dog to obedience training (for 2 weeks, usually) the dog is being given basic obedience skills…but what about you, the owner? When your dog comes home, do you continue the same commands, hand signals, rewards, and so on that the trainer at “dogie boot camp” used? Probably not! So the obedience training slowly erodes away and you become frustrated with your dog and your dog is confused!

2. When your dog is being trained in obedience skills are treats being used to reinforce positive behaviors? Do you continue to use the same treats as the trainer? Are you using positive rewards and not just screaming.

3. Was the dog trainer a male or female and is your dog in a household where the caretaker ship of the dog is shared by a man and woman? Or does your dog live in a one owner female household or one owner male household? This makes a big difference in training, especially as related to voice commands! Dogs detect the difference in voice tone between woman and men.It may be desirable to have a female trainer if the dog is living with a single female and vise-versa.

4. Who is the trainer training? Why both of you need to be trained. That is why “in home” pet training may be the best technique for positive and long lasting dog obedience training. A trainer can watch the dog in his/her own environment and help correct the dog and your way of handling problem behaviors. Remember, your dog may do well at training class then come home and_________well, you forget you are Alpha not your dog! With a new puppy starting off correctly at home in your training prevents much frustration for both owner and dog!

5. Consistent training commands ( voice-clicker-rewards) and praise, work with most dogs! It may be necessary to use an electronic collar in severe cases of barking or jumping, but not without proper training for the owner in use of such equipment. All owners of dogs must be trained to understand basic needs and instincts about their dog. An owner should also be educated about the breed, they have added to their family and unique issues that may be related to that breed. Just because a puppy is cute and adorable – does not mean it will grow up to be the dog you want to spend years with, as your “best friend”.!

You must understand that dog training means – train the owner and the dog………..not just the dog. And “in home” training may be better than just sending your puppy or adult dog away for a few weeks and expecting “wonder dog” to return! Your dog will follow your commands as long as you are in command…are consistent with your commands…give praise and love along with treats…and You Must Remember you are the Alpha Leader of the pack and house not your dog!

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