Dog training: Train the owner, not the dog – Part 1

Dogs are very different to humans. They are smaller, covered in hair and have tails. But apart from this, the human brain is much more complex and developed than a dogs brain. Surely then this leads to the conclusion that humans know more about how to train dogs? That humans know how to treat them in order to train them? So you would think….

Dogs are overall extremely loyal animals, providing they get the love and care that they need. Walk them, feed them, clean them, love them and play with them, and the likelihood is that they’ll be very well trained and obedient.

However, some people have it in their minds that dogs need to be shouted at to get through to them because they don’t think they understand, so end up shouting and getting frustrated. This only winds the dog up and so the likelihood of getting them to do what you want them to do is very low. Try lowering tour tone and volume and giving them treats every time they do something good, and they’ll soon catch on.

I’ll never be able to understand why some people take their frustrations of everyday life out on their pets, but I can imagine their reasoning stems from the fact that they are not as clever as humans and that they do not matter as much and they they won’t mind. Even though that is true that dogs are not as clever as humans, they have feelings and emotions, and are very intelligent. Treat them with respect, and they will respect you.

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