Dog training tip of the day- Fading a Lure (while teaching SPIN)

This is a quick how to video I made for a youtube user who said they were having trouble getting rid of the lure. I hope to make a more in depth video on this subject. As well as how to ween off of treats as well. But for now here is my Dog training tip of the day. I created the video immediately after having the idea to make it, so I used my own dogs, it would have been great to have used a puppy. I encourage other dog trainers out there to make How to videos on how to fade a lure when training with food, because it is information that is very important to stop training enthusiasts from getting stuck down the road Quick tips when using a lure: 1 Get RID of the lure as soon as you can! The goal is within 3 trials. 2 If you don’t have a clicker use a very short word like “yes!” or “yep!” 3 Always make it harder and harder, don’t get stuck at the same level of criteria 4 If you go to far to quickly you can always go back a step 5 If your dog is not following the lure, get a smellier lure- real meat! ———————— Dog training clicker training training with food how to train a dog how to train a puppy how to get rid of a lure how to stop having food in your hand how to get rid of the food in your hand when training a dog dog how to get the focus off of the treat and onto WORKING for the reinforcement how to use treats when training how to use food when training cool tricks How to teach spin how to teach a dog to spin in a circle how to teach a dog to twirl

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