Dog training: The manners all good dogs should have – Part 3

IF you are looking into the idea of dog training and you have already covered the basics such as house training and other such things, it may be time to look into more specialized training and by this, it is meant behavioural training and making sure that when they are out and about, they are fine to socialise with both other humans and also other animals. It is all very good and well having a dog that is well trained at home, but if he or she misbehaves as soon as they leave the home, they are still not properly trained.

There are certain methods that you can choose from with regards to more specialized training and just two of these are sending your beloved pet off to a training camp or to have them be trained by a specialized trainer. Both of these options can be somewhat costly but with regards to your happiness as a dog owner as well as the mental state and safety of your dog, this training could be vital.

Most specialized training instructors will make home visits to make sure that the dog is trained in an area that he or she feels very comfortable in and this can sometimes have the best results, proving the dog to be more responsive and also happier with the training process. The trainer will also be able to get a better idea of behavioural problems that your pet may have with either you or members of your family as well as with other animals such as cats in the garden or dogs that are being walked past your front gate.

Dog training camps, although slightly less comfortable for your dog can also prove to be a great form of specialized training for your dog to stop any annoying behavioural traits that they may have as well as making sure that they perform sociably acceptable behaviour when out in public and also when they are around other dogs. Sometimes just being in the company of other dogs can sort out many of the behavioural issues that your dog may have and another option aside from this is getting your dog another dog to make for better company.

One of the drawbacks for specialized training with a camp is that the dog may have difficulty is bringing their new found tricks and skills into the house and this is way self training can prove to be more useful as well as being trained by a trainer within the home environment.

Self training can prove to be rather difficult if the owner has never trained a dog before and especially one with behavioural or other specialized problems. However, this can bring about a better bond between the pet and the owner and the dog itself may be more responsive to the training if it is from someone that it already knows and respects. This will take a lot of time, patience and dedication, but once completed can be a very fulfilling experience for both the dog and the owner.

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