Dog training: The manners all good dogs should have – Part 2

There is nothing any more fun and rewarding to take a well mannered, well groomed, and well trained dog for a walk, to take to the park, or anywhere dogs are allowed for that manner. I have thoroughly enjoyed my various dogs and some of them have been better trained than others but they were all good dogs for the most part.

Training a dog is not all that unlike training a child. You have to be firm, consistent and very loving and patient. All dogs should probably first learn the command sit and then stay. If a dog will sit and stay they generally don’t have many problems. My black lab was very good about sitting on command. sometimes especially if you were playing Frisbee she would get excited and not stay as well as she should but she would get so excited and want to catch that Frisbee. She did a good job otherwise. She learned to heel pretty well and she learned to lay down and behave when you told her to lay down. She definitely knew what no meant and she was a good dog that I really miss but in a few months we will be in our new house and I plan to get either a n Akita , a Labrador Retriever. or a Golden Retriever and I am looking forward to training and working with them and taking him/her for walks in the big park close to where we will be living. I guarantee he/she will be mannered and well trained because I am going to retire and I will have time to work with my dog. I really want an Akita but we’ll just see what is available at he time.

It is nice when a dog will obey a lot of different command well but the basic and most important ones in my opinion are sit, stay, and NO. If your dog know and obeys those three commands well you will probably never really have much of any problems. A well-mannered dog like a well-mannered child is a real joy to take places.

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