Dog training: The manners all good dogs should have – Part 1

In order for your family pet to become an asset rather than a burden, you must first ensure that he or she has had adequate training so that they understand what is expected and required of them. Remember that you are the leader, not the other way around, so assert yourself and don’t let an overly aggressive dog overcome you.

1. Dogs are subordinate. You are the leader of the household and your dog is an active member. When called, a dog should come immediately with his ears back and his tail down, wagging vigorously in a submissive position, rather than highly-alert and in an instinctually dominant frame of mind. Remember to assert your dominance routinely by engaging in subordination exercises with your dog.

2. A subordinate and well-trained dog shows his submission by lying down and exposing his vulnerable groin and neck areas.

3. A dog should respond to all commands immediately. A well-trained, well-behaved dog understands his position as a subordinate member of your household. As such, he should come immediately when he is called, and follow all similar commands accordingly.

4. A dog should never jump up on you when greeting you or in any other situation. Jumping, especially jumping onto a person is a display of dominance and should be rectified through training immediately.

5. A well-mannered dog knows it is not okay to mount a person. This behavior, although commonly misconstrued as a sign of hormonally-driven sexual urges, is typically a sign of dominance when involving a human.

Overall, well-mannered dogs should do what their owners have trained them to do. If your dog is misbehaving, the culpability lies solely with you. Remember that effective dog training requires time and consistency. Correct his or her bad behavior through training, but be patient and understanding. Keep in mind that your dog’s success will be a direct reflection of your effort, so for the best results, give it your all!

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