Dog training: The manners all good dogs should have

I am an owner of quite a few dogs, I have seven yorkies, and a pappilon. To be honest having that many dogs, they must learn how to be trained. There are a number of ways and skills to use when training dogs. One is that they learn to use the bathroom outside, rather than making a mess inside. The best way to do this is to crate train. You should buy a crate as big as the dog, but not huge, because they must get used to the fact that if they make a mess in their crate then they will probably end up sitting in it. As soon as you have them in a crate, let them outside every two hours to use the bathroom, then put them straight back in the crate, and keep repeating the routine so they get used to it. I had my 7 pound yorkie trained in about 2 weeks. Another good training skill, is to train dogs to sit. You do this my pushing their bottom on the floor and then say sit, showing them thats basically what their doing. Then hold a treat out and keep repeating the same cycle. By telling them to sit and pointing your fingers over their head, they normally understand what your saying. Finally another good training method which i like to teach all my dogs is getting them to realize that when it’s time to go to bed, they must go to their crates in which they sleep. My dogs are very well behaved as soon as we say bed, they go into their crates and sleep until 7 the next morning. Even if you have a nice comfortable bed you can teach them to go there, simply by saying bed. The best way to do this is when your dog is near it’s bed, you put him/her there and say, “bed now” then if they keep getting out, you repeat the same thing over and over, and I can guarantee they will do it eventually. I know because my dogs are very smart, and know exactly what I’m saying. As long as you are consistent and keep with it, your dog will learn and respond to your every command, it’s just a matter of repeating the methods, and the words so they understand what word goes with what action. I have enjoyed talking about my methods of training, but I highly recommend when you have a dog, you must try to get him/her potty trained, this is one of the most important parts of keeping a dog under control. Having a dog is like having an extra person in the house, so please take my advice, and train your dog to make their lives more entertaining, and worth while.

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