Dog training: Stop your dog from biting

Biting is a natural instinct for a dog. This is how they play, this is how they eat, and this is how they carry things. They don’t have hands, so they do everything with their mouth. But regardless of how much they use their mouth, you don’t want your animals biting you, and you especially don’t want your animals biting other people, and definitely not children. Because of the numerous possibilities for lawsuits, it is important that you take care of your pets and ensure that you teach them not to bite as soon as possible.

One of the biggest issues that I see with training dogs not to bite is that owners tend to smack their dogs on the mouth. While this can be effective in the long run, it can also make them more aggressive. Plus, the dogs will generally only respect those that punish them in this manner. Because of this, they will continue to bite others until the others smack them in the mouth. A child however isn’t going to do this and could be hurt by the biting.

There are better methods available to teach your dog not to bite people that are much more effective long term. What I normally do during the weekends when I have a lot of time to spend with the dog at home is make a paste that includes incredibly hot spices and place it on my arms. Whenever the dog bites my arms, they notice that they mouth burns. Soon they begin to associate their mouth burning with the biting of arms. If you have a couple of the people in your family doing this, your dog will quickly realize that they don’t want to bite people because it will make their mouth burn.

Another method that is probably the most effective method, as it can be applied easily to the dog in a wide variety of situations is the employment of a gentle shock collar. In order for this method to be effective, you have to maintain the remote on your person at all times. Whenever you see the dog biting someone or nipping at them, you have to be sure that you are pressing the button. The collar will deliver a light shock. The dog will eventually realize that they are getting shocked whenever they are biting at people and will over a short period of time quit biting at people in order to avoid the shock. While this may seem like a somewhat cruel punishment, it is extremely effective, and the shock delivered is minimal. The shock scares the dog more than anything else.

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