Dog training products

There are a number of dog training products out today. I’d say that the first thing you have to decide in the training of “Fido” when you are searching for a dog training product is if you want puppy to heel or maybe for agility training? There are also many dog training products for behavioral modification, containment and obedience training.

The most widely used dog training product and devices are electronic training devices. Formerly known as “shock collars” thirty years ago, they are now safer and more humane. They are increasingly popular in behavioral training. There are many myths surrounding electronic training devices. First, they do not make dogs more aggressive, but I do suggest using them with caution, mostly for the dogs safety and well-being.

The next most popular pet training device are the pet containment systems or in other words a way to keep the dog confined without a physical structure. These devices can be installed in the ground or above ground, as well as the newer wireless models, indoor models and systems that can be used to contain puppy in a large or small area.

Maybe what you really want is for puppy to quit keeping the neighbors up all night, (as well as yourself), with his barking. So a really great dog training product is the bark collar. These are used to correct puppy’s behavior from the collar to stop a dog’s excessive, or just plain irritating barking. These collars come in the electronic variety, citronella and sonic collars.

For highly effective obedience training there are “remote trainers” or training collars that allow the dog trainer to be up close and personal or not within immediate reach of the animal. The collar has a receiving unit and the trainer has a hand-held, remote transmitter. The dog receives a warning tone or an electronic vibration when the appropriate button is pressed from the transmitter.

Leather pull tab collars are another dog training product that gives puppy the feeling of being off the leash but jerking on the pull tab of this collar will instantly give puppy leash correction.

A really great dog training product that takes the place of any from of punishment is the Spray Commander. It’s a spray that is efficient, painless and works on four of the dog’s senses to eliminate problem behavior.

A new and modern dog training product would be the online training of pets. A professional dog trainer teaches you the tone you should use with the animal. Tone plays a major role in dog training activities such as house breaking, leash walking and doggie tricks.

To help keep puppy mentally stimulated with an activity he really loves, use a ball as dog training product as well as treats. A treat almost always gets a favorable reaction as a job well-rewarded.

Last, but certainly not least in dog training is the most inexpensive product of all in dog training, exercise. Spending time with your pet is one of the most practical behavioral tools that garners the most effective results.

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