Dog Training Equipment for House Training

One of the most well-known forms of training dogs for proper behavior and obedience is the leash and collar training. In fact, this practice has been going around for years and is almost considered traditional by trainers and owners alike.

Generally speaking, it is best to train puppies more than the adult dogs as they already have a background of experiences and established foundation of behavior, along side it are the disagreeable dog behavior problems. However, it is not true that you can’t teach old dog new tricks. However, trainable adults dog may seem, training them would considerably take much time, not to mention the effort one must exert to achieve satisfactory results

At any rate, a trainer must never use harsh forms of dog training equipment. Take for example the choke chain. This chain is neither for beginners nor recommended at all. However, an experienced trainer can use it but with the highest degree of care observance. Studies show that extensive neck and trachea injuries have been related with the use of this type of dog training equipment. It does precisely what its name says, it truly chokes and if your puppy is a puller, it will choke constantly.

There are other forms of gentler dog training equipment in the forms of collar. These are the Prong collar, the Halti, the le Leader and the Electronic Collar.

To start with your puppy’s leash and collar training fasten a lightweight leash on your puppies’ neck and just allow him go around the house to play and walk around. He might pull on it for quite sometime but the idea for now is just to let him get comfortable with the idea. Repeat this practice for a number of times a day for a couple of days and it will be noticeable that he’ll get used with the leash. It is important not to leave the puppy alone with this dog training equipment as he might choke himself if not properly It is important not to leave the puppy alone with this dog training equipment as he might choke himself if not properly supervised.

To train your dog or puppy to walk beside you Is not to allow them to pull you, and in return you should not be pulling them. Learn to control your dog using a leash and see to it that the leash does not choke him. Moreover learn the techniques of leash correction.

Another effective and productive dog training equipment is the clicker. Dog clickers make a very distinctive sound which lets you control your timing and eliminates the variation of tone in your voice due to fatigue, frustration and other factors. This is important as any inflection in your voice may impede the process of training the dog because they are very sensitive with changes in your voice, they may conceive it as negative. Moreover, with the use of dog training equipment like the dog clicker, you may effectively use the reinforcement or the reward system in training your pet.

If you are to use dog training equipment such as the clicker, you have to condition the mind of the dog to responding to it. You can use a method called operant conditioning whereas the idea is to associate a thing with the dog training equipment, for example treats in the form of food. See to it that every time the dog follows the command imposed by the dog training equipment, he perceives it as corresponding with a command with a reward. Also, it is important to associate your dog’s name with something positive. Again, this may be in form of a reward or a treat. To fully get his attentions to the dog training equipment, get him used to hearing the clicks following his name, afterwards the treat. This process with of the dog training equipment won’t take much time, but can be very substantial and constructive in the end.

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