Dog training basics: The sit command – Part 2

What a joy it is when you see your dog sit for the first time on your command.

Please be firm but gentle at the same time. I find the best way is to introduce the sit command first at home and then on the dog’s walk by asking him/her to sit whenever I come to cross the road.

I simply hold the lead in one hand and push gently but firmly down on the dog’s rear end with the other hand, at the same time I issue quite clearly the command “Sit”.

As soon as the rear end touches the ground I say with great joy in my voice Good Boy (or Girl) and pat the dog as if it has just done something so extremely wonderful.

The first few times the dog will immediately get up and think great this is a game, but gently and firmly put him/her back using the same command and encouragement.

After a few times they usually get the idea, no reward other than your pleasure at what they have done is needed, they will love it.

The idea of getting them to sit at the curb is also great training for road use later.

Have fun and enjoy your well trained dog.

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