Dog training basics: The heel command

Teaching our dog to walk at heel can take a little work and patience but the years of pleasant walks you’ll get out of it are well worth the effort.

1, Start with your dog on the lead and standing on your left. Hold the lead in your left hand at waist height.

2, Say “heel” and walk briskly forward. You want your dog to keep his nose level with your knee/hip and preferably looking at your face. To encourage this, hold at treat/favorite toy in your right hand and keep your hand by your left hip. This will encourage the dog to look up and should hold his attention.

3, Do not tug on the lead to keep the dog by your side, use your voice. If the dog is lagging behind say his name, then heel and offer the treat.

4, Dogs that try to rush ahead are soon curbed if you make several changes of direction.

5, Remember to praise your dog and as I always say, keep your training sessions short.

6, Patients, repetition and perseverance are the key to a well trained dog.

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