Dog names: Choosing the right dog name

Once you have made up your mind to get a puppy, the next important decision is choosing the right name for your pet. Dogs have distinct personalities, much like their human counterparts, and an appropriate name reflecting that individuality will enhance your interaction with the canine member of your family.

Since you will be repeating the dog’s name over and over throughout the years, you will want to ensure the name chosen is one the puppy will respond to and also one that is pleasing to your own ear.

Here are some practical tips for choosing puppy names:

* Make a list of possible choices. Try a name for a couple of days to measure the dog’s response. If the first choice does not go over well, try the next favored name on your list.

* Keep the name simple. One or two syllables is appropriate, for dogs understand brief verbal sounds.

* Do not choose a name that will confuse the dog. Names that rhyme with or are similar to commands will not be effective. For example, stay away from names that are close to the sounds of “stay,” or “down.”

* Do not choose names that are embarrassing or inappropriate. You will not want to be yelling an expletive across a crowded park.

* It is not a good idea to name a pet after a relative or acquaintance. You cannot know another individual’s sensitivity level and your choice might cause offense.

* If your dog is adopted and already has an established name to which he is accustomed, either keep that name or choose one resembling it.

Choosing popular dog names.

Sometimes physical appearance dictates an obvious choice. Names like Pepper, Cocoa, Rusty, Tiny or Bear match color or stature. If a dog is multi-colored, names like Oreo, Spot or Tiger might be come into play.

Perhaps a royal name like Queenie, Princess, King or Duke will fit a regal dog.

Often a name will align with the dog’s personality, as in Happy, Lucky, Shadow, or Amigo.

– A list of currently popular girl dog names –






– A list of currently popular boy dog names –






There are many other resources to assist you in selecting puppy names. You can check out a canine book from the library, peruse pet magazines, ask your vet or dog grooming for input from their client records, or go on-line to the numerous web sites advertising the best or most popular female dog names and male dog names.

Generating your own unique dog names:

Consider perusing choices from historical characters, celebrities, sports figures, names configured from your own hobbies and interests, or the dog’s place of origin. Choosing a fitting name for your new best friend is only limited by your imagination.

Whatever you ultimately decide upon, in the words of Charles Schultz, “Happiness is a warm puppy.” A warm puppy with a thoughtfully chosen name will bring much happiness and unconditional love into your life.

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