Dog day care

As the saying goes, dogs are a man’s best friend. So would you leave your best friend home alone all day without companionship? Unfortunately some dog owners don’t have a choice. While some dogs do well alone while their owners are at work, others are none too pleased. And a lonely dog can be a destructive dog. Boredom can lead to accidents, the eating of furniture, the scratching and biting of wood, the shredding of rolls of paper towels Much of this behavior is caused by separation anxiety. Sure, there are things you can do to avoid such behavior. You can crate your dog. There are music CDs designed to calm and soothe your pet while you are away. There are calming pills that can be given to your dog, sparingly of course. A second pet may do the trick, though this option may lead to more destruction.

One sure fire way to delight your pooch is to send them to dog day care. The pet care industry is booming. There are sure to be dog day care facilities in most every town. And the benefits of dog day care are many. Dogs are social, pack animals and being with others of their species can be good physically, mentally and emotionally. Not only will your dog be able to play with other dogs but they will be given attention by the staff.

Training classes may also be offered at the day care. If your dog is in need of training, this is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. Not only will they be in the company of other dogs and humans but they will also learn how to do all of the things you wish you had time to teach them.

Many dog day cares also provide kennel services as well. If you are going on vacation and leaving Fido behind, he will be able to play all day and stay overnight for as long as you are away. I would suggest that if you are leaving your dog at a kennel that also offers day care programs, let them attend just the day care for a couple of days before you leave. That way they will be accustomed to the environment and will less stressed overall.

Before you drop your dog off, be sure to contact the day care and find out what shots are required. In addition to their regular shots (i.e. Rabies, Distemper, etc), they will probably require a kennel cough vaccine. Also, if your dog is aggressive, notify the staff. You may need a muzzle or harness system so the employees can keep control. Just like with a child’s day care, visit the property and make sure that you are comfortable with the cleanliness, the outdoor runs, the food and drink areas, the handling of other dogs. After all, your dog is part of the family and you want to do what is best.

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