Dog & cat clicker training tricks together – Honey the Great Dane & Muesli the Kitty / Honey the Great Dane & Muesli the Kitty enjoy a fun training session together before dinner. Honey is TRYING to learn a new trick (cross paws) but as usual, is taking a loooooong time to “get it” (!). She has been learning this on & off since last year but hopefully we’ll get there eventually! It takes a LOT of patience & time to teach Danes stuff because they don’t always catch on quickly like other breeds and they don’t have the “drive” to keep repeating things…you gotta be in it for the ‘long term’ – ha! ha!! 🙂 But we always get there eventually (eg. took me 6 months to teach her to “Shimmy” on cue) – and it’s a great sense of achievement when they finally master it! Muesli is also learning a new trick: to jump into your arms – starting with the 1st step: jump onto your lap on cue. Then we revise some old stuff…like Honey’s “Chinese Bow” and Muesli’s “High 5”!

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