Dog Care and Training

There is a growing problem of companion animal cruelty and shelter overcrowding due to a lack of dog owner knowledge of proper care and training. The current solution to the problem involves training classes that owners can take at local kennels or pet stores and often trying to correct issues after they have already developed, or owners may choose to read books on their issues. Unfortunately, these classes and books tend to focus solely on obedience training and not the overall care of the animal. Health and mental well-being play an important role in training a dog to by an obedient and loyal companion. Also, these classes are not always available in all areas and can range in price for the same information — in other words, owners may not be getting the full bang for their buck. A new solution is to establish a course at Rutgers University to teach dog owners and potential owners the basics of caring for a dog, including financial burden, healthcare, feeding, basic obedience training, etc. This course would be offered primarily to Rutgers students but will also be open to interested community members.

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