Dog breeds: Nonallergenic versus hypoallergenic

Dander is the main culprit especially for people who have asthma.There is a dog that doesn’t shed and is a wonderful companion. The Welsh Terrier,a bright,easy to train dog that doesn’t have doggie odor as other dogs.

If you are considering a dog it’s best to visit the breeder/dog for 20 minutes or more (unless of course you immediately have an attack).

You may find that there are certain dogs,not necessarily breeds who bother you.

For instance,in our house we have a chow chow,a german shepard as well as a malamute. I have serious asthma and none of them bother me.I do have an air filter.

I was told a long time ago by a woman who raised Huskies that many people bought them because they didn’t cause allergies to flare because they have fur instead of hair. I have owned three huskies over the years and never had a problem.

Bottom line: test the theory when you see a dog you want that someone says you won’t be allergic to – visit to see if you are sensitive,this is the real truth for you.

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