Dog breed: Puli

The Puli dog is a Hungarian breed. Better known for their sheep herding ability, they have also been successfully used as police dogs in Hungary. They are smaller in size than many other of the herding breeds. By today’s standards the males are between 16 to 17 inches tall and the females 14 to 16 inches. The males weigh in at 25 to 35 pounds and the females 20 to 30 pounds. Their corded coat gives them a unique appearance. They may be black, grey, apricot, or white in color. They are an athletic dog with a small but muscular build. With their Rastafarian looking coat, square shaped body, and tales curling tightly over their backs they are an unusual, albeit adorable, looking breed which resembles a mop.

The Puli, or the plural, Pulik, is a very agile dog. This agility helps them to excel in sheep herding. Many shepherds prefer the black ones because they are easier to see among the sheep. Their smaller size and agility comes in handy. My grandmother grew up in Hungary and she has told of watching Puli sheepdogs run across the backs of the sheep in order to more quickly move from one side of the flock to the other.

The Puli is also known for their high intelligence and trainability. I can attest to this. My first very own’ dog was a Puli, Miniature Poodle mix. Both breeds are known for being intelligent, easy to train dogs. I was 14 at the time I got my dog, Nikki. Although just a puppy, she was a quick learner. I taught her to sit up, play dead, climb a ladder and ride a skateboard among other things. One of her favorite things was to ride in the basket on my bicycle.

Around the time of World War II this ancient breed almost became extinct. Thankfully, there were dedicated people who loved and valued the breed and saw to it that they were brought back from this ill fate. The Puli breed made it’s debut into the United States around 1935 as the result of a United States Department of Agriculture experiment to try to help American farmers find a better sheep herding dog. They proved themselves to be extremely capable.

This breed is happy, loving, and loyal by nature. They make excellent family dogs that can adapt to a variety of environments from extreme cold to hot climates. From farm life to living in an apartment. While not aggressive they do make good watch dogs. If you are looking for an unusual breed of dog to become part of your family, then I highly suggest this remarkable breed called a Puli.

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