Dog breed: Italian greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are miniature sight hounds, measuring not more than 19 inches with the average being between 12 and 15 inches in height, and weighing between seven and fifteen pounds. They are very elegantly proportioned, and are beautiful dogs.

No one can be sure how long Italian Greyhounds have been around, but current thinking is about 2000 years. They are often seen in wall paintings and murals in Pompeii and Herculaneum, and they may have been the only pet dogs around in Italy at that time. In later years, they were favored by such royals as Mary, Queen of Scots, Queen Anne, and Queen Victoria, as well as Charles I and Frederick the Great.

These dogs probably reached their greatest popularity in the late 1800’s in England and Scotland.

In America, the first Italian Greyhound was registered in 1886, but it was not until 1951 that the Italian Greyhound Club of America was formed to preserve snd protectthe breed and regulate breeding.

These little dogs are definitely not outdoor dogs. They hate cold and bad weather and it is not easy to train them to go outdoors for any reason. Some owners actually train them to use litter boxes like cats! Puppies have to be strictly limited and cannot be allowed to have free rein to wander around their home or they will not be housebroken. It is very important for IGs to have regular schedules. They must be taught patiently and gently; they do not take well to harsh discipline!

Because the fur of Italian Greyhounds is very short and has almost no odor, even some people who are allergic to most dogs can own them. They are probably best for families with school-age children rather than toddlers or kindergarteners because they are not sturdy and need to be played with and handled gently. They are too little and fragile to roll around and wrestle like bigger dogs can do.

In personality, “Iggies,” as these dogs are affectionately known, are really more like cats than dogs in some ways. They love high places and will climb on anything if allowed. They love comfort, and hate to get wet They are affectionate, but are not very good at obeying commands. If you are looking for a subservient dog, you should probably look elsewhere. . If you are looking for a friend, then the IG is for you. They are very curious, and get into everything. In fact, IGs often get along very well with cats, and it’s no wonder.

Unlike cats, however, Italian Greyhounds do not like solitude and they do not like to be ignored. They like

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