Dog breed: Great Dane

The Great Dane! His name alone describes this dog. They are the gentle giants of the Dog World! They are the most loyal of companions, yet very protective. They are also very good for one who has trouble walking as I do. My Great Dane is Deaf and when I found this out I was thinking to myself how am I going to train a deaf dog. I have been training dogs since I was very young but had never dealt with a deaf dog and a very large deaf Dog, of course he was not so large when I got him and this being the best time to train them anyways. I was not told he was deaf when I purchased this Dog but now I think to myself what a great thing to have the Great Dane! They are wonderful Dogs. I am disabled and I do have trouble walking and I have trained this dog to help me walk, so I do not need a cane. He is my cane and he is a wonderful and beautiful Dog. He happens to also be pure white, with beautiful blue eyes and spf 35 every day. But I would not trade this Dog for any other Dog for any reason. His intelligence is way beyond that of other bred of Dog. This being my Third Great Dane, I know there intelligence is far superior than any other bred of Dog I have come across in regards to training.

They also have personalities that will make you weep with joy. How funny to have friends over and people are sitting on the couch when this Dog comes to join you and he turns very calm and sits on the couch just like he is human. His rear end is on the couch but all four feet are on the floor. This is a site to see and to talk about as your friends will be bewildered at this personality he carries. They are not only Beautiful but they are Very Loyal. I have never seen such Loyalty in any animal. He will protect you and your family and guard your children if he feels any kind of threat. He will actually use his body to guard a child so that they do not get hurt but he would take the bullet for you. I have had almost every kind of dog you can imagine throughout my life but this one? Every since I became the proud owner of my First Great Dane I will never, ever consider any other dog again. Though they do need training, just as all dogs do. This is the best Bred Dog I know and I would Recommend the Great Dane for any family.

You can actually keep this giant in an apt. Though he will need walks but he can actually handle being in an apt. They do not need a lot of exercise but of course they do need some but they are not big on running as they tire very easily and This Bred is Good for elderly as they will guard you with there lives and they can come in handy as he does for me. They are used for People with Alzheimer’s as there size can be used to help you walk and this gives not only the owner confidence and exercise but it also gives the Great Dane his exercise and he is proud to help his owner as with his loyalty he becomes your best friend.

If there are any draw backs to a Great Dane I would say the biggest draw back is there life span, as you are lucky to have them live to the ripe old age of 10. The average age of these Gentle Giants is around 8yrs old. Another draw back would be if not trained properly when small they can rule the house. So this is a dog that does need training but to train a Great Dane is a breeze compared to some other Bred of Dog. The Great Dane Rules in my Book! I think everybody who appreciates dogs should at least own one and see what I am talking about. The best dog ever to have been Bred! I LOVE MY GREAT DANE! I DO!

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