Dog breed: German shepherd

There are no surprises when it comes to German Shepherds. Sometimes referred to as Alsatians, these noble-looking dogs are known for their loyal and protective temperament which explains why they are favored as police and guard dogs. The breed has a well-deserved reputation for being intelligent, fearless and territorial. Unfortunately this can have negative connotations in those dogs where the traits have not been appropriately managed. A well trained dog of this breed makes for an excellent companion.

As per the name, the breed originated in Germany where it is still used as a herding dog. At the end of the nineteenth century, an avid admirer of the breed, Captain Max Emil Frederick von Stephanitz, founded a club devoted to the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) and set breed standards. Their use by the military during the First World War led to them being introduced to the USA and UK. Since then they have become one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

German Shepherds are a large dog with the average adult male weighing in at 75-95lbs (34-44kg) and reaching a height of 24-26 inches (61-66 cm). Typical coat color is black and tan. The term sable refers to those with a tri-colored coat which can include black and silver with brown or red. Pure black and pure white German Shepherds are not uncommon but dogs with a white coat are disqualified under the standards of the American Kennel Club.

Generally intelligent and easy to train, German Shepherds are suited to both a working environment and as a family pet. According to the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia Inc., the breed is most recommended for an active family with older children. Because they are so perceptive, GSDs require mental stimulation as well as physical. A German Shepherd is not a dog to be left alone for long periods without something to occupy it or it will find something to occupy itself with and may not discriminate between chew toys and washing hanging on the line! Unlike some herding dogs, the GSD does not need vast tracts of land in which to roam; they can be comfortably housed in a small house or flat. In this situation, regular outdoor exercise is an absolute must as are firm boundaries both in the sense of physical fences and obedience.

As a working dog, GSDs are incredibly versatile. Because of their powerful sense of smell and superior vision, German Shepherds excel as police dogs, search-and-rescue, guide dogs and narcotics detection. Their agility and ability

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