Dog breed: Chihuahuas

When purchasing any pet, you have to research the different types of breeds so that you can make the best decision for your family as well as your intended pet. Dog pounds and animal shelters are filled with pets from well intentioned individuals that turned out to be wrong for their family or lifestyle. Some breeds are very expensive to feed as well as some have inherent medical problems that can become expensive. Some breeds require lots of room to run where others prefer to remain pretty sedentary. Which ever breed you choose depends exclusively on you and the time, energy, expense and family situation that you are in. Never choose a breed for the sole purpose of it being the ‘it’ animal of the time. When 101 Dalmatians was released many parents purchase the lovable puppies for their children only to find out later that the breed demands a large amount of time from their owners. Finally when purchasing a pet make sure that you go to a reputable breeder. It may be more expensive initially but you will find that unscrupulous breeders tend to breed for volume and not quality. Problems occur with this because medical issues of the parents as well as purity of the breed are not always taken into consideration. You may find yourself with an animal that has inherited diseases or defects that can cause lifelong treatment that can run into large amounts of money.

So you have decided to purchase a Chihuahua. You have chosen a breed that is as unique as any one you will find out there. They are loyal, brave and extremely intelligent. I was raised with Great Dane’s. In fact as a child my best friend was my Dane named Mistake. Chihuahua’s think that they are as big as a Great Dane. They seem to have no understanding that they would be but a small snack for one. They have the heart of a lion and are very protective of their human counterparts. They eat very little and do not require much room to run. Chihuahua’s are extremely intelligent as a breed almost without exception. They are easily housebroken or paper trained. These make them an excellent candidate for an apartment. Their small size however makes them more susceptible to fractures and because of this, they do not make very good pets for families with small children. Much like their human counterparts, each Chihuahua has its own distinct personality. You will find that Chihuahua’s will pick one person in the family to lay claim to. They enjoy laying curled up with the person they have determined as theirs.

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