Does Your Cat Need A Collar And Leash?

A leash can help you keep control of your cat when you don’t want her to stray too far away, but still get some exercise.

Even if you never plan to take your cat for regular walks like you would a dog, you still need to insure that your cat can tolerate the collar and leash. You will need to take her to the vet and getting her used to it now can help considerably. There are specific collars, harnesses and leashes designed for the cat that you can use.

Cat Leashes

Leashes are designed in several ways from a standard form to a retractable one. No matter which you choose, make sure that it is lightweight enough to allow the cat the ability to move under its weight. Retractable will allow the cat to explore their surroundings in a park or other traffic safe areas. You’ll want to keep the cats close when walking to and from their homes.

Getting used to the leash takes training. Cats don’t do well with negative correction so by tugging on the leash you will not get them to stay at your side. Instead of negative feedback, cats do better with praise and positive reinforcement. Ignore her when she does something wrong. You can teach the cat to tolerate the leash but more than likely she will not be consistently healing or obeying commands.


Cat collars are not commonly made for leashes. Because the cat’s head is shaped so, it can easily slide any collar off. Collars are used for other reasons such as accessories. For example, a jeweled collar offers a cute look for the cat. Others use cat collars to hold identification tags in case the animal gets lost. Also, you can use the collar to warn birds that he’s in the area and approaching by using bells or a low tech alarm system.

The Harness

The harness is another option that the owner has. These stay on your cat securely so that the cat leash can be used. A simple nylon harness for your cat is a good choice or you can go with the deluxe models that look like padded vests. The only thing that is important is that they are completely adjustable.

If possible start training the cat when she is a kitten of eight to ten weeks old. Put the harness on her and allow her to walk around in it unrestrained. Then, add the leash a few times later. Don’t apply any pressure to the leash though. Once she’s used to the leash, you can pick it up and teach her that you can be on the other end of it. Use a little pressure on the leash and call your cat to you. When she does what you want him to, praise her and reward him. Eventually, she’ll be okay with it.

The leash allows you to take your cat outside for a walk to just to explore the yard. You don’t have to worry, then, that she’ll escape or get into trouble.

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