Does the breed of a dog make it dangerous?

While all breeds of dogs possess the capabilities to cause harm upon humans and other animals, it appears that most reported cases of harm include only specific breeds.

Personal experiences have allowed me to see first-hand evidence of the devastating affects of a dog attack on a child, and the resulting lifelong scars. Careless owners who did not take the necessary responsibilities of ensuring that their dog could, and would, not cause unnecessary harm to a human being.

Everyday it pains me to hear of another child, or adult that has been attacked by a dog, usually randomly, and the incident has either resulted in the loss of life or lifelong scars. When the name of the breed is mentioned the same specifics are repeated.

I understand that the owners and the rearing of an animal will contribute towards its behavior and control, but the repeated evidence clearly supports that certain breeds are more commonly ‘dangerous’ than others.

Compare the number of incidents of a Staffordshire Bull terrier or Doberman attacking a human, to a Golden Retriever or Labrador, and the evidence remains conclusive.

Certain breeds of dog will carry with it a reputation, or at least the potential, for causing harm or distress. How many times have you seen a Poodle used for a guard dog compared to a Alsatian? Certain breeds are used for specific tasks because their reputation precedes them.

Some individuals will purchase a dog as an image. They choose a breed to intimidate, to make other people wary. Why do people need to muzzle their dogs when out walking? I saw only yesterday, two Doberman’s that were muzzled when out walking. Why? Because of their potential risk to others. This breed is known to have randomly attacked, so a precaution is necessary.

I accept that the owner of this breed of dog will argue that they are lovely pets, and that may be very true, but there is still a greater risk than with other breeds. If you need to muzzle the pet then it is a clear indication that you are slightly concerned as to the potential behavior of the dog when you take it outside to mingle with other people and animals.

People have their own reasons for choosing a particular breed of dog, but the fact remains that certain breeds are known to have a more hazardous temperament than others.

I, myself, have a pedigree Labrador Retriever as a pet dog. The reason for choosing this breed of dog was because of its reputation. A known ‘family’ pet, that is commonly agreed as being ideal around children. We, as a family, wanted a dog and specifically chose this breed because we needed to think that it could be trusted around the two youngest children. We were not prepared to take the risk with a breed that could potentially cause harm.

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