Does Having A Training Dog Collar Help?

Getting a dog collar to insure control of your dog is one of
the most important aspects of dog safety that you should
consider. Securing a training dog collar depends on the type
of training you are anticipating for your dog. A training
dog collar for a police dog is different than a training dog
collar for a house pet. making that distinction is important
for you to make in order to understand what you need to have
to make life comfortable for you and your pet dog. this
article will go into researching dog training and how
selection of a training dog collar is very important.

There are different types of dog training plans that are
used to make sure that your dog understands your commands
and does what it’s supposed to do. One of these
methodologies uses traditional dog training techniques. This
method uses 3 types of reinforcement factors. Positive,
negative, and positive negative reinforcement as a means to
relay to the dog whether they did good, bad or need more
discipline. Now depending on the type of training your dog
is going through will determine the type of training dog
collar is best suited.

The traditional dog training method was first developed and
used in World War I. When the military saw the usefulness of
these dogs in battlefield situations, plans were made to
expand the program to include the use of these dogs using
this training method for World War II and the Vietnam
conflict. This training method utilizes negative
reinforcement and punishment as a means to train the dog to
be completely obedient to the handler. Handler and dog were
inseparable and they could count on each other for impending
dangers in the bush. Now the type of training dog collar
would be a lot different for training this type of dog
versus a house dog for which you keep as a pet. I will go
into this distinction later on.

The most common type of dog collars used in training with
this method would be choke chains, prong collars and shock
collars. These types of dog training collars would be
considered the mainstay because training dogs of this
caliber requires complete obedience and compliance between
the dog and the handler. There is no room for hesitation
when a command is given to the dog. If the dog fails to
obey, it could mean the lives of the handler, the dog, and
the platoon of men that may be following them. So when a dog
is trained with this technique the type of training dog
collar needs to be fast, hard and to the point of whether
the dog does what it’s told. This method provides instant
feedback that it works and also be aware of the fact that
these dogs have a high tolerance for pain. So while it may
seem to the casual observer that these dogs may yelp from
time to time that its just part of the training program and
that no long lasting injury will become of this to the dog

So to end this article with the information that you are
looking for in the type of training dog collar is best for
your dog. It depends on the type of training that you want
your dog to go through. There are a variety of selections on
the market today and the choice is yours.

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