Do you prefer dogs or cats? – Part 1

Being an animal lover all my life, I just couldn’t imagine my world without a cat or a dog. Growing up our family always had pets; dogs, cats, rabbits, Guinea pigs, fish, and even a lizard. From the time I was born cats or kittens seem to follow me around like I was the Pied Piper so naturally I became a huge cat lover.

As a young girl, I rescued cats from certain death after finding them starving on the street, in the middle of the street covered with ants and car oil or buried from the neck down by neighborhood boys, I knew that a cat or cats would always be a part of my life. Each cat that I have owned has been like my own child, when they died I was heartbroken and depressed. I love being their meomy and being “owned” by those big fluff balls.

What I love most about cats is they are easy to take care of. Unlike dogs, they don’t require additional grooming such as baths or brushing. They are potty trained pretty much at birth. You can leave cats alone unattended for hours during the day and not worry about coming home to a torn couch or ripped up carpet. Not only can you leave cats alone for hours but you can leave cats alone for a couple of days and they can take care of themselves.

Ironically, just two years ago I found out that I am severely allergic to cats. My allergist told me that I would never be able to own a cat again and that I should seriously consider getting rid of the cat I currently own. Even though the news of my new allergy surprised me, I wasn’t upset. Thankfully, there are medications available that allows me to still have my cat.

For me cats calm me down; they seem to lower my blood pressure. They comfort me when I am sad or upset and they offer such unconditional companionship that is just what this busy mom to two needs. A dog may be man’s best friend but cats are a way to girls heart.

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